Video editing is the icing to your cake of content. At Casperlight we bealive that presentation is key, and our research has proven that a polished edit, fluidity and continuity within content uploads works wonders when it comes to retaining viewership and gaining a large, loyal channel following.

For any video production to commence Casperlight will need footage and a short brief. The first step is for the client to upload any footage they have to the designated G-Drive in a well labelled folder.

Organisation is the key and so Casperlight will put in place a folder format so client, account holder and editor are aware exactly what, where and when footage is being uploaded. We will also set you up with a G Drive account with unlimited storage, so you never have to worry about paying storage fees!

The second step is for the creator to give any information regarding the video footage they have uploaded via skype or whatsapp to their account handler.

Throughout the process Casperlight will aimto review the edit making sure that it suits client requirements and looks as good as it can for its purpose.

Once the edit has had a final review and is completed it will be signed off in-house before uploading privately to youtube for client approval. Only after client approval the video will be made public or scheduled for upload. Along with relevant title and video info added.

If the client requires amendments then the editors priority is for a quick turnanround time. Amendments are done so within reasonable expectations.