The thumbnail is one of the first things a potential viewer will see when browsing a media platform, and as such, is perhaps the most essential tool a creator or influencer can have when it comes to attracting new viewership. At Casperlight, we understand how important every working hour is to creators and influencers on social media. As such, we have a meticulous and creative processes to generate industry-leading thumbnails for you, taking what some users considering time consuming, and perhaps confusing element of production, and turning it into a key vehicle for marketing content.

We profile your channel, identifying who your core target audience is, and how we can best appeal to them.

We believe that the most important tool we can use is the brand that you have already created and defined within your content-so we take that, and amplify all the best parts before we think to add anything new. This ensures that each channel is unique, and has the brand image that you want to convey at its core!

When you already have a set thumbnail layout, or if you want to explore new options, we will always produce multiple styles and ensure that you are happy with a design before we publish any thumbnails.

Nobody knows your following better than you, so it is vital that all parties agree on, and are happy with a design that we can implement moving forward!

As a Casperlight service you will be placed in direct contact with a client manager who will be available to take any questions, queries or feedback you have at any point during the production stage. Each individual thumbnail will require just a 30-word overview from you, detailing the content that you wish to be included.

We will then produce the thumbail and approve it within the agreed time frame, with our design tea more than happy to provide unlimited amendments or additions until you are 100% satisfied with your image!