Casperlight has been working with hundreds of channels, influencers and brands since 2012. Taking channels from birth to millions of subscribers, revitalising struggling channels, or simply reorganising channels so that their content reaches a greater or far more engaged demographic; we have done it all!

With this experience behind us, we here at Casperlight have developed a package suitable for all creators.Our Channel and Upload Managment package gives aspiring current and even former creator tools they need to take their content to the highest levels!

We construct a unique algorithm package for your channel which optimizes the exposure of your content across the Youtube platform. We use your analytics to profile core and target demographics, identifying where your channels strengths are, and where we can see that there is room for improvement. We will provide you with refreshed upload defaults which 30 base tags to use across all past and future content, and a meta-tag rich video description addition, which will sit on all of your videos and boost the exposure of your content!

Having developed your personal algorithm package, our analytics team will go in and refresh up-to 200 videos of previous content.This process involves re-tagging each video, adding our 30 base tags to any existing tags you may have implemented, adding our bio addition to the end of all existing video descriptions, and re-titling videos to create brand consistency.

It is strongly recommended that ALL previous content be revisited and restructured with a consistent base algorithm in order to generate as much consistent exposure as possible for your channel.Channels with over 200 videos may wish to have further content refreshing which is available at an additional cost on request.

Our channel analyst team produce an E-Booklet, tailored specifically to your channel, which underlines exactly what we have done and why we have done it. The Casperlight E-Guide includes a channel overview created from your YouTube Analytics, which presents key channel statistics in simple and easily understood ways so that you can use your analytics to track exactly how our algorithm is increasing your growth.

The E-Guide will include next-steps guidelines which act as recommendations for how you can continue to encourage and nurture channel growth.This will include advice on channel exposure, video titles, tagging and producing informative yet meta-tag rich video descriptions, ensuring that you are equipped to build on the growth structure created by Casperlight, and optimize your long-term increasing of viewership and subscribership!