Quality Control

Casperlight clients are in direct contact with their designated manager. This means design additions, amendments or changes, are available on request!

Fast Turnaround

Our fluid production system means we are ready to respond to your express demand, with services available for completion within 24 hours!

Proven Results

Our ever-growing family of creators speaks for itself! Check out any of our partner creators to see their fantastic, Casperlight powered content in action!

Dedicated Client Management

All of our service users are designated a client manager who is available for personal contact 24 hours a day to answer questions, provide support, and keep you updated on your service!

Delivery Guarantee

Casperlight service users are provided a personal user account, which grants access to our uploading platform, enabling fast, reliable and easy access to your content, the second it’s available!

Professional Guarantee

We have developed an expert team of specialised content designers, editors and producers who strive to provide high quality products and fantastic customer service!

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